About Asha

My name is Asha, which coincidentally means “alive and well.” It is my hope that you will join me in maintaining your health and happiness through an exciting opportunity I have for you.

For the last 20 years, I have split my time between the US and Turkey; making me realize how special both countries are to me. In fact, in 2014 I became a US citizen and now have dual citizenship.

Growing up in Istanbul, Turkey with a physician father and also traveling internationally most of my life, I decided to find an opportunity to combine my experiences. Two years ago I became a partner with Kyra Health Medical Travel.

About Kyra Health
Kyra Health is a medical tourism company connecting patients with verified healthcare service providers in Turkey. We provide coordination of healthcare services and connections to quality healthcare providers, patient privacy and transparency. At Kyra Health we help you explore health care options based on your specific needs, and assist in finding the right solutions. Our mission is to provide services to advance the health and well-being of our clients.

By offering an "all in one platform" we seamlessly combine your medical and tourism experiences. Kyra Health Medical Travel is truly a life-changing VIP experience that will leave you feeling well taken care of and cherishing your international journey.


What Is My Role In Your Kyra Experience?

It would be my great pleasure to arrange this special experience for you. I and my very experienced colleagues will make this trip not only memorable, but also very easy— as we will take care of every detail from assisting with flights, booking accommodations, taking care of medical arrangements, and suggesting tours of lovely points of interest in Istanbul. Every detail will be covered by us!

From the moment you decide to come to Istanbul, you are in good hands and all aspects of your journey prior to, during your treatment, and until you go back to the US will be taken care of. This includes services such as VIP transfers, accommodations, international documents, and even an interpreter and city guide. But most importantly, you will receive the ultimate level of care in elective surgeries and procedures with the BEST doctors, surgeons, clinics and hospitals. Our facilities have International JCI approval, one of the highest quality assurances in Europe.

Keep reading to explore elective surgeries and treatments, and all your combined travel options. I look forward to speaking with you personally to start the process.


About Turkey

Turkey, which is a beloved vacation destination, is a special place for its architecture, rich history, luxurious vacation spots, amazing hotels, beautiful beaches, unforgettable food, and vibrant arts and culture scene. Beyond its tourism, Turkey is also world-renowned for its quality health services, exceptionally trained physicians, and competitive healthcare prices.

Save Money by Choosing Istanbul For Your Treatments

The Ministry of Health of Turkey subsidizes most of your healthcare expenses, resulting in lower treatment plan costs than what you will find in the US and Western Europe.

Istanbul ranks among the one of the top medical tourism destinations in the world. In 2019, more than one million foreigners visited the country just to take advantage of their excellent medical treatment and care services.

Some of the reasons for 'Medical Tourism In Istanbul's popularity are the following:
• High quality of care
• Affordable healthcare system
• Immediate access to world-class treatment—in most cases scheduling within weeks

• Many US-accredited hospitals
• Turkish medical institutions prioritize foreign patients


What Happens After My Treatment?

You can choose to go home and recover or you can explore all Turkey has to offer. In most cases, recovery is fast and does not require extended hospitalization. You will have plenty of time to relax and visit local attractions.

Your Comfort Is Very Important To Us

We provide best hotels to provide highest comfort and best value for your stay. When we book a hotel for you we ensure that the accommodations are convenient, comfortable, and close to the healthcare facility where your procedure will take place.

The following are the great brands we have partnered with:
• Hilton
• Wyndham
• Radisson
• Intercontinental
• Bonvoy (Marriott, W, Westin, Autograph Collection, Sheraton, Ritz Carlton)

We will also assist you with choosing flights. We recommend Turkish Airlines, which is one of the biggest airlines in the world, flying over 100 countries and 200 international destinations.

Treatment Options

We can accommodate multiple treatments in one trip; and also spouses can schedule procedures together. Some of the popular elective surgeries provided by our world class physicians include the following:
Hair Transplantation
Dental Aesthetics
Breast Implant
Breast Lifting
Brazilian Butt Lift
Eye Aesthetics
Tummy Tuck
Laser Treatments

Concierge Style Treatments For Everyone
Traveling with your spouse or friend? They can choose to also have a treatment in Istanbul or we can provide concierge services for them to explore during your recovery. But you will want to join them once you are feeling up to it!

Are You Ready For Your Medical Travel?
We can develop a complete VIP package designed specifically for your needs and desires. I look forward to speaking with you personally to start the process. Please feel free to reach out to me by phone or email.
Asha Ozbey
786-719-7555    asha@kyrahealth.net

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